Appreciate the impact of clothes and General Appearances!

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What kind of clothes should you wear? Essentially, you should wear clothes appropriate for your audience. This sounds like stating the obvious, but let’s illustrate. If you are talking to an audience of sporting people then wear a blazer rather than a dark suit(for males) and don’t dress up too much(for females). For an audience of social or voluntary workers, Armani or any branded suits won’t go down very well because it will immediately separate you socially from the working life of your audience.

Therefore, let's explore some very useful tips for proper clothing of males and females:

  1. Avoid wearing anything brand new unless you feel comfortable in it.
  2. Don't wear anything unusual which will distract the audience.
  3. Colors are important. If your background is going to be bright orange then a pink suit will look terrible. Again, if the background is light then you should wear a dark suit and vice versa. Colors that fail to carry authority are pale pink and pale blue. For some unknown reason, people are often advised to avoid mustard. If you have pale skin coloring avoid beige- it will make you look very pasty.

Tips for women-

  1. Keep a spare pair of tights or stockings handy in case you run up a ladder and avoid garish colors.
  2. Carry a small handbag and put it out of the way when you speak.
  3. Jewelry should be subtle. Don't wear dangling bracelets.
  4. Pay attention to hemlines. Are they straight? If you are on a platform then the eye line of the audience will be around your knees and they will notice bits of cotton hanging down.
  5. Wear medium-heeled shoes and avoid high heels.

Tips for men-

  1. Make sure your socks match. Avoid white socks or luminous colors- unless you want to make a particular statement such as “I M REBEL”.
  2. Don’t fill up your pockets with coins or weigh them down.
  3. wear a tie for most occasions. There are, however, some situations in which you may want to look casual — a talk to independent travelers and explorers, an informal tutorial with students, or a training session for aspiring DJs.

Keep up with your spirits dear readers and gain the most from my articles as there will be many more of them to help you understand and imbibe the prevailing set of rules in Clothing, Body Language and Managerial Communication.

Saumya D Tewari



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